President Zelaya Returns!!!

The ousted president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya on the Nicaraguan side of the Honduras border

The ousted president of Honduras has briefly crossed the country’s border with Nicaragua, in a symbolic move the US has described as a “reckless”.

Manuel Zelaya has been in exile for nearly a month after he was forced from his position by a coup, and had previously tried to return by plane.

The interim government has said it will arrest him if he sets foot in Honduras.

Earlier, soldiers fired tear gas at hundreds of Mr Zelaya’s supporters who were waiting for him near the border.

Talks in Costa Rica aimed at resolving the political crisis collapsed two weeks ago with no agreement reached.

Mr Zelaya, surrounded by supporters and journalists and talking into a mobile phone, lifted the chain marking the border between Nicaragua and Honduras in the frontier town of Los Manos and walked underneath it.

The BBC’s Stephen Gibbs said the military personnel retreated by about 20m (yards) as he did so, apparently unclear how to react.

Mr Zelaya walked up to a sign reading “Welcome to Honduras” but did not go any further into the country.

Shortly later, the ousted leader, wearing his customary cowboy-style hat, crossed back into Nicaragua.



~ by r7fel on July 24, 2009.

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